Fish Counters

Fish Counters

The VAKI Pipeline Counter is installed in a pipeline from a grading machine or on the end of the pipe into a tank. The fish are counted as they pass through the counter using infra-red light, a technology utilized on other VAKI products for over 30 years.


  • Accurate counting
  • Easy to install / set up
  • Gentle on fish – fish in water at all times
  • Can be mounted directly to a grader / de-watering set up or on the end of the pipe from pump
  • Four scanners can be connected to the control unit

3 Different options

  • Single channel display unit, powered by 12VDC.
    External 110/240V power supply available. IP66 waterproof.
  • 4 channel display unit, mains powered. IP66 waterproof.
  • PC-based, 4 channel control unit with additional reporting and interfacing capabilities. IP65 waterproof.


  • Fish size: 10g – 11kg.
  • Capacity: 30 – 50.000 fish/hr (100g).
  • Adaptors: for 110mm, 160mm and 220mm pipes.
  • Power supply: 110 – 240V.
  • Single channel or 4 channel display.
  • Remote servicing, count reports / image file verification with PC version.

Available as Lumpfish PLC

The fish are counted when sliding through the pipeline, using infra-red light beams. A robust technology for harsh environment.

PC Based

An industrial PC can be used to connect up to 4 PLC scanners. The advantages of the PC interface as compared to the normal display unit are numerous.

  • The entire counting session can be recorded for verification later on.
  • Real-time counting results can be viewed with all android and IOS devices.
  • Detailed reports available.
  • Bright display, easily read from a distance.
  • App for all remote control.

Counting Report

A count report is produced automatically after each count.

Each count report includes the total number of fish counted, total counting time, average counting speed (fish/min).

The thru put graph can be used to identify when peaks /maximum throughput in fish/min, and where (if any) overloads occurred.

The VAKI Macro and Micro counters are utilized when fish are being delivering from hatcheries, or for precise stock control operations when splitting, moving, or grading are being conducted. These counters can be utilized in many applications including wellboats, helicopters and transport trucks. Additionally, commercial aquaculture operators can use the VAKI Macro and Micro Counters to provide useful stock information during the growing cycle.

Macro Counter

The Macro has a capacity of 200,000 smolts or 1 million 1g fry per hour and has a 100 cm wide counting area. With a range from 0.1g – 400g the Macro is ideal suited for accurate and fast delivery of fry and smolts. The Macro can be delivered both as single or 4 channel.

Micro Counter

The Micro is exceptionally good for hatcheries and counting small fish between 0.1g – 200g. The counting area is 50 cm wide with a capacity of 500,000 1 g fish per hour. The Micro is ideal for the internal handling of smaller fish or delivering fry. The Micro can be delivered both as single or 3 channel.